The Comfy Cozy Mystery

Murder. Mayhem. Clues, Suspects, and Lies. A red herring or two. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Throw in an amateur sleuth, a small charming town or village, a cast of eccentric characters, a victim, and you have a cozy mystery.

Sound a little like Cabot Cove? Jessica Fletcher and Murder, She Wrote is an iconic picture of what a cozy mystery is. Cozies focus on plot and character development; they are like a puzzle you can’t stop working. Continue reading “The Comfy Cozy Mystery”


Mystery of the Killer Letters

Agatha Christie did it. Sue Grafton did it. They wrote murder mysteries using the alphabet. Fiction, gratefully.

True crime instances of alphabet murders exist. Sadly.

I love reading a good mystery, and Christie and Grafton gave us some great reads using the alphabet. But for me, there are four letters of the alphabet that bring fear, anger, and sadness.

Anyone who knows me knows I love my dogs. I have an enduring affection for Pomeranians. For me, there’s no better breed, and they have the best, biggest fluffy tails ever. Ever. Continue reading “Mystery of the Killer Letters”

The Irrational Mystery

It happened on a dark, dreary night…laundry night.

Okay, it wasn’t really a dreary night, just laundry night. But you have to admit, laundry night is its own kind of dreary.

Everything was going along as usual, move one load to the dryer, put another load into the washer. I was folding my first load out of the dryer when it happened. I wasn’t looking for trouble, but hey, laundry can be trouble all by itself. Continue reading “The Irrational Mystery”

Mystery of Imperfection

Perfection. The epitome of the highest quality of skill, character, talent, or beauty. It’s easy to understand what perfection is, but it is so hard to attain.

I must confess that I am a perfectionist, almost obsessive in my pursuit. For years I served in music ministry in various churches. I served as choir director, as worship leader, and as music minister. I played various instruments in our church orchestra or praise band. Continue reading “Mystery of Imperfection”