Meet Janet

Janet is a wanderer. Searching, but not lost.

Above all, she is a follower of Christ. Not perfect, never expects to be on this earth. He is perfect, and that’s enough.

She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister. Her family is everything.

The two men in her life, her husband and her son, are both techies, drummers, and dirt bikers. She has lived her life surrounded by video games, all things tech, music, and noise.

She kinda has a thing for Pomeranians. At present, she has a 5-pound Pom girl named Little Ali Sunshine. Yes, that is her name registered with the AKC. Ali is an IMHA survivor (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia).  Ali’s litter mate brother, Ty Beau, was lost to the same autoimmune disorder, so Janet is passionate about informing and educating pet owners of the threat from this killer. If you stick around, you’ll get to know Ali. (Please see the post, The Mystery of the Killer Letters, to learn more about IMHA.

Janet is a writer. She is featured in Yvonne Lehman’s Divine Moments series –  Enter the Cow (Additional Christmas Moments), and Leaders Gone Wild (Stupid Moments). Her favorite writings are the stage plays co-written with her son: Locked Away, All that Glitters, the outdoor drama, Martyrs and Mayhem, and a Christmas dinner theater production, Mystery at the Manger. She is currently working on her first Cozy Mystery.

Janet has two guilty indulgences: Gourmet Hamburgers and Root Beer. If she ever turns down a Root Beer, she asks you to please call her Mom immediately, it’s for certain something’s wrong.

Janet dreams of moving to a log home in the mountains with her husband and closing herself off to write. And drink Root Beer. And have four or five Pomeranians.

Janet would be honored, and so very appreciative, if you would take a moment to subscribe to her quirky little blog. Thanks and blessings!